Gameloft Games

Necessity is the mother of invention. When I first joined Gameloft's new Auckland studio in 2011, we got to work with their custom engine in the development of Silent Ops. At the end of that project, the studio's direction was changed to the development of casual games. Suffice to say, the original FPS-centric engine was unsuitableand difficult to use for this genre.

Hence we started cobbling together a framework that became CasualCore. At the heart of it was our Tech Director's pet Rocketz engine, which we took and enhanced to suit our needs. This was where I made the leap from gameplay to engine programming, building everything including scripting, animation, particle systems, physics, tools, social/ad integration, and a lot more under the guidance of experienced mentors.

This spawned a whole plethora of games for iOS and Android that saw publication including: