Haaf's Game Engine

HGE is the 2D equivalent of Ogre3D. It sports an easy to use API, and a fancy particle editor. Indeed, for 2D games, there's little more you need other than the ability to display a sprite and make it move. In addition, it was lightweight enough that I hugely preferred it over other equivalent frameworks at the time like SDL and Allegro. I seldom had the opportunity to use it as client generally had their own engine preferences. However, I did get to flex for the only game I developed for myself.

Constructicons Constructicons was my award winning entry in the 2006 Game Jam held at Nanyang Polytechnic. I was the only one to enter as a solo participant and came away with awards for Best Game Design and Best Technical Design. In addition, I got a spotlight for it in the inaugral Asian Game Developers Summit.